domingo, diciembre 26

god only knows

Well, in today's pictures you can see a lot of things of my life in this moment. Christmas, clothing, friends, Misfits. Yeah, that's all this days. School is over, cold is here and i cannot eat anything more. I could say I hate Christmas, but, it's not true.

I like Christmas. I like get dressed, I like eating, I like having and giving presents, and, my favourite thing, is going shopping or walking on shopping centres and seeing that everything is decorated with lights, balls and trees. Red, green, white, blue, brown... all colors are possible. Everything is possible.

Just a week ago, in Catalonia we gave 7'000'000 euros to researching solutions for illnesses in a program called La Marató. Everything is possible. It's Christmas.

So, let's call your friends, and your family, and sing together, kiss everyone, and watch Raphael, Mamma Mia or Bridget Jones, they're all on TV!

'Bout me... I'm gonna keep on dreaming, 'cause on January the 14th I'm watching HAIR or theatres. Isn't it fantastic?

Merry Christmas.



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s o f i b i z o u dijo...
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s o f i b i z o u dijo...

Hi! I love Christmas too. Lovely photos, I just love every single photo you post!
How great is to give money to the ones that need it?
Merry XMas!

Mako dijo...

i love your blog is perfect¡¡¡ kisses from Mexico i follow :)

Anónimo dijo...

So niche pics!!