sábado, septiembre 11

white knuckle ride

Sienna Miller & Jude Law

school has started... busy busy busy!! today everything is closed, so it's gonna be a relaxed afternoon... i'm gonna watch BIG BANG THEORY.
ah, thanks for the comments, i always comment you back and see your blogs, some of them are fantastic! you always ask us about the photos! they're from we(L)it and tumblr. we post our favourites. now you can follow us on we(L)it, tumblr and polyvore, look for the links at the left of the blog, on the beggining. maybe one day we'll post pictures of us.


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thaïs dijo...

thanksss i love all yours hahahaha

Anónimo dijo...

me encantan todas las fotos!! de donde las has sacado?? muakkk!!

M* dijo...

He actualizado a las 9 de la mañana y en entrada programada! Obviamente las fotos no son de hoy y tampoco es Barcelona. Paramos muy poco por allí últimamente...



that photoshoot is actually sienna miller with hayden christensen from the movie, factory girl. another must-see movie i haven't seen.